Nothing tells you more about the spirit and culture of a country than its cuisine. Georgian national dishes are amongst the best in the world for their diversity and taste. Each historical province of the country has its own distinct culinary tradition that was refining for centuries. Hectares of vineyards, wine is everything in Georgia, everyone loves it. Every family will treat you with their own wine with great pleasure and pride. Vineyard is a sacred place for Georgians and winemaking their beloved tradition. As one of the first countries in the world to convert to Christianity in just the 4th century AD today Georgia is distinguished for full religious freedom and tolerance. For centuries people of different faith and religion have coexisted peacefully.  Georgia has an history of struggling for freedom as nearly all the largest empires in the world attempted to possess the land. But Georgians managed to survive and preserve their independence. Georgia is a country of diverse culture, rich history and unique artifacts. Georgia is home to the first human outside of Africa who settled down here about 2 million years ago. Georgia is an ancient country at the crossroads of the Eastern and Western civilizations, where the European and Asian way of life and traditions merge for thousands of years. Indeed this country has a lot of amazing things to show and tell. It is impossible to visit Georgia and not get charmed by its traditional architecture, that counts more than 1300 years. On the streets of the cities, river canyons and mountain peaks you will see ancient unique domed temples painted with frescoes created based on the Bible.