A nation that is home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, dating back to 5000 years. Within its geographical confines, stretching from the Great Himalayas in the north to the tropical peninsular south, it offers contrasting images and dizzying variety of cultures, rich traditions, beliefs, colourful customs and lifestyles, delectable cuisines, excellent hospitality standards, and warm-hearted, welcoming people. From the breathtaking symbol of enduring love-The Taj Mahal; to the poignant sights of pilgrims worshipping on the banks of holy Ganges; the fairy tale palaces and forts of Rajasthan; the rugged terrains of wildlife sanctuaries; the ancient art of living – Ayurveda in Kerala and the unlimited sunshine & golden sand beaches of Goa, India is one of the most enriching regions of the world you will ever visit. Today India, the world's largest democracy with a rising economy, offers world-class convention centres, top-end international hotels, burgeoning array of international & domestic flights, thereby firmly establishing itself as the most sought after destination for incentives, conferences and events.