The Sultanate enjoys an unspoiled culture and trading lifestyle in almost every aspect. Even in its modernity, Oman is distinctly Arab and Offers the visitor a glimpse of many unique old-world wonders. Omanis are very hospitable people and welcome tourists. They are also very helpful and generous. Oman is well known for its rich culture and heritage from the pas many years, it’s unique story reveals examples of great moral strength, courage, heroism, maritime skills, scholarship and hard work that have together moulded the Sultanate into its present form Oman’s heroic resistance staved off the Persian invasion in that period and their ultimate victory is owing to the leadership of Ahmed bin Said Al-Busaidi who succeeded in ousting the Persians from Oman and was elected imam in 1744 AD, In 1970 His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the crowing Glory of Oman, inaugurated the renaissance and modern ago of Oman. The country has an unprecedented number of UNESCO classified World Heritage sites including bat with its tombs dating back 3,000 years, the Fort of Bahla, and the fascinating Frankincense Route which commences from Dhofar and includes Al-Blaid, site of the ancient city of Zafa, khawar Rawri, Shisr and Wadi Dukah. Oman’s heritage features a great sea-faring tradition, as one would expect from a country with 3,165 km of coastline. Many museums and galleries around the secluded and historic harbors of Muscat and Muttrah illuminate the importance of the sea andof water in general, throughout Oman’s 5,000 year-old history.