In the home of snow sports, the slopes are a simply a bit higher, the trails are a touch firmer and the winter landscape enchants hikers just a little more. Swiss cities and accommodation are a dash more charming too. Known for it’s cuisne, in particular chocolates, Watches, private banquing and imaculate landsacap and scenery, Switzeralsnd has endless places to visit experiences to enjoy and top hospitality. Much of the territory covered by present-day Switzerland is mountainous. For this reason, the Alpine passes have played a significant role in the development of the country, as have the powers that sought to control these important communication and trade routes. The Jura, the Plateau and the Alps form the three main geographic regions of the country. The language communities eat different things and have different traditions and customs. Even their shared history only goes back about two centuries. The Swiss themselves are sometimes puzzled about what they have in common apart from their passport, what it is that makes them Swiss. The Swiss say they are held together by the desire to stay united. The general attitude is summed up in the formula "unity, but not uniformity."