United States of America

The United States (with 50 very diverse states) is an absolute “watercolor palate”; a masterpiece of so many choices and experiences. Pulsating metropolises, unique oases, towering forests, fields, high-plain deserts, 2 oceans, dozens of large, magnificent rivers and lakes, alpine height mountains and quaint little towns and villages define the USA. Twenty five + major cities dot the landscape and no two are alike. This “Land of Opportunity” is an easy place to enjoy for there is something for every interest, reason and budget. The Incentive client is excited and enthused to be here while those attending corporate meeting or conventions meet the best and brightest in great settings. The USA is that special blend of classic, modern, trendy and exciting, all at the same time. The USA is multicultural, diversified and distinct. One of the very best things about American Guest USA is the scope of our Incentive, Meeting and leisure coverage - the very many cities where we plan, source, propose and directly manage Incentives, Meetings and Events. American Guest is equally at home in Miami or Malibu, Las Vegas or Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco or DC…and 20 other of the most important cities in between. New Orleans, Orlando, Maui, Boston, Dallas. With multiple offices across the land, our staff always directly manages your program from start to finish – never a 3rd party. “Professional, polite, creative and easy to work” are some of the words we hear from so many of our clients.